Make a difference in the life of children like Justin today!

Make a difference in the life of children like Justin today! image


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Children and adults are waiting... they're waiting for hope given by you!

If God gave you the opportunity to change the life of a disabled child or adult right now, would you? We believe you would. And so today, we're inviting you to change a life... and leave a legacy.

Meet Justin.

Shortly after birth, Justin was diagnosed with multiple medical conditions that will affect him for the rest of his life. However, when his mother discovered St. Joseph Center for Special Learning, she knew she found a home for Justin. A place where he could thrive and work hard to overcome obstacles most of us would find overwhelming. She found everything Justin needs here at our school.

Our goal is to raise $40,000 to fully staff and better equip our on-site Conductive Education Center in 2020. Only a miracle from you can bring any hope for their future by becoming a "Strength for Tomorrow" advocate! By participating:

You will help completely transform a life.

You will enable a child or adult to advance toward independence.

You will help a child or adult learn to socialize more freely with others.

You will give children and their families hope.

Our prayers are answered every day because of donors like you, who step out in faith with your generosity and prayers!