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Make a difference in the life of children like Marcello today!

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If God gave you the opportunity to change the life of a disabled child or adult right now, would you? We believe you would. And so today, we're inviting you to change a life... and leave a legacy.

Meet Marcello.

Shortly after birth, Marcello's limited ability to move gave his parents cause for alarm. He was soon diagnosed with multiple disabilities that changed his life forever- and his parents' direction. Years passed before they discovered St. Joseph Center for Special Learning (SJC). Immediately upon arrival, they knew Marcello would receive the love, care, education, and physical therapies he needed to succeed in life.

Now, ten years old, Marcello has every reason to smile. He is making significant progress in his ability to walk, and is doing exceedingly well on his journey to independence. Much of Marcello's progress stems from his participation in the Conductive Education Program here at SJC. Along with several students who struggle with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological and motor disorders, Marcello is blessed to have access to this unique therapy.

We are hoping to expand our Conductive Education Program and help as many others, locally and beyond, reach new heights toward independence through this unique program- to provide these individuals the skills and confidence they desperately need! Today, we are presenting you an incredible opportunity to transform the life of a child.

Our prayers are answered every day because of donors like you, who step out in faith with your generosity and prayers!